Clinique foundations for yellow based skin tones

Do Clinique make yellow based foundation shades?

People often say that they love the formula of Clinique’s foundations, but why on earth won’t they make any yellow-based foundations for those of us with golden or MAC “NC” based skin tones?!
I have wondered this for years, especially because Clinique has been the only foundation whose texture/formulation doesn’t look outright weird the way it sits on my skin, but sadly their colours are never quite right!

Then I saw this advertisement on the USA Clinique website …


… which got me thinking, “What is this ‘Favourite Shades From Asia’?”. So I did a little investigating. And, as it turns out, Clinique sell different foundation shades in Asia, and many are yellow based!!!! In fact, different shades are even sold between the US, UK and AUS sites!

This is Clinique’s Taiwanese website. You can click on the foundation type that you prefer, and see how the shades differ from those they list on the western (UK, USA, AUS) sites. The good thing about the Taiwanese site is that (unlike other asian Clinique sites) it lists the shade names in English, which means that you can do a swatch search for the yellow toned colours. And, although it is not quite as good as trying them in store before buying, you can purchase these other colours from alternate retailers in importers, like on eBay.

They have even more shades on their Japanese website but unfortunately on the japanese website they do not say the shade names in english, which makes it harder to search for swatches.

Yellow Toned Shades in Even Better foundation:


After looking at the Taiwanese Clinique website and then seeing the swatches of Even Better’s shade “63 Fresh Beige” (a shade available in Asia) on this blog here (and to the left) I decided to take a chance and order a tube online from a website similar to eBay. When it arrives I will post a swatch comparison here with my usual Clinique Even Better in “01 Alabaster VF-N”  – which is not perfect since I am a colour match for MAC NC25, but the neutral shade can help avoid some sallowness.

On the Clinique US site, they list a lot more shades for the Even Better foundation than they do on the UK and AUS sites! But, they don’t tell you what the undertones are, they only tell you the depth and finish of the shade. However, on the American Sephora website they have, for the Even Better foundation, the same number of shades as the Clinique US site, but they also explain which foundations are pink, neutral, or gold toned – which is super helpful.


Next month I will be visiting the US. I will check out some of the Even Better shades that the Sephora site lists as being yellow based and fair to very fair, such as “Honey” “Cream Whip” “Golden Neutral” “Golden” “buff” and “Vanilla”. Hopefully I will find my holy grail colour, buy it, and place a swatch here. Or even better, get some swatches of all these colours while at the store).

Here are some links to reviews with swatches of some Even Better yellow toned foundations in:

  • 14 Cream Whip VF-G. (See here where a commenter suggests this is like NC20. Beige shade, gold undertones)
  • 04 Cream Chamois VF-G. (See swatch here and hereVery brown looking. IMO looks like NC30 or NW25! Warm beige, golden undertones)
  • 25 Buff VF-G. (review here and here, NC25-30? Yellow Shade, gold undertones)
  • 63 Fresh Beige F-G. (Swatches here and here. Colour from Asia. NC15-20?. Pale yellow shade)
  • 07 Vanilla MF-G.  (Swatch here.  Warm neutral, gold undertones)
  • Golden Neutral MF-G. (Swatch and review here. Yellow shade, gold undertones)
  • 06 Honey MF-G. (Swatch and review here. Warm beige, gold undertones)

Here is a swatch comparison from Strawberry net:


There are more  golden based tones that this. Interestingly, the Clinique UK site shows that Even Better has two shades that look yellow based, “linen” and “cream rose”, neither of which appear on the US or the Sephora page. A review of Linen (which turns out to be VF-N, neutral beige with neutral undertones) is here, and a review of Cream Rose is here.

Foundation Swatches

To the left  are swatches of…

LEFT: Chanel Vitalumiere in 20 Clair Cameo.
CENTRE: Clinique Even Better in 01 Alabaster VF-N.
RIGHT: Clinique Even Better in 63 Fresh Beige F-G.

I consider the Chanel a perfect match for my skin, but dislike the formulation on my skin as it sits in my pores strangely.

cliniqueAnd here are swatches of Chanel VitaLumiere in 20, and Clinique Even Better in 04 Cream Chamois, 01 Alabaster, and 63 Fresh Beige.

Clinique’s CC cream in yellow based “Natural Fair”:

There is three shades of CC cream that are “from Asia” two are colour correcting (pink based, and peach based) and one is yellow based, perfect for yellow based skin. Here is a blog where a woman review Clinique’s CC cream in the “Natural Fair” shade available in Asia. Some people have said that while this shade is yellow based it is also a little dark for many people, I’m guessing it is moderate fair in depth, maybe NC30? I will add a photo of a swatch of my own here if I can.

Here is Clinique Even Better 25 Buff, compared with Clinique even better 01 Alabaster, compared with Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in Neutral Fair, compared with Clinique AirBrush Concealer in Neutral Fair.




Clinique SuperMoisture:

Here is a review of the supermoisture make up in “61 Ivory” a yellow based colour that we don’t get in the western world. Note that while there is an ivory shade in the western shades it is “04 Ivory” which is not a yellow based colour. The Clinique UK site shows a “63 Fresh Beige F-G” instead, as a yellow based colour in the supermoisture.

In Conclusion:

It seems to me that if you have your holy grail foundation formula in Clinique, but haven’t found your perfect colour match because you’re yellow based, the thing to do is some investigating. Check out the Asian versions of the Clinique website and then google to find swatches of those colours, or check out the sephora website which says more about the shades and then check out swatches online. Once you’ve done that, you can consider taking a chance by buying it online, or hoping you’ll make it to one of these mega Sephoras that have all the shades they show on their website. I HOPE THAT WAS HELPFUL!

I will update this blog post when/if I find anything else related  🙂